What's my story?

Certified Meditation Teacher, Accredited from Graham Nicholls, the Priority Academy, and the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA)
9 years of experience as a holistic, intuitive Mom
2 Years of Intuitive Homeschool Teaching
15 Years training and leading diverse teams and individuals
8 years of intuitive practice and psychic development
Certified Meditation Instructor from Priority Academy and the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA)

Hi! I SO appreciate you being here and taking the time to read all about me. I have been with my husband, Paul, for over 22 years. We live in Massachusetts with our two young children, Alessandra and Axel. 

I am a natural-born researcher. My thirst for knowledge never ends. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History, and a Juris Doctor (law). In my previous life (pre-pandemic), you could find me as an attorney, and in retail management and human resources. 

I write under the pen name Josie Barrett, as a tribute to my spirit guides. I came to this beautiful place in my life by connecting to my inner being. However, it wasn’t always this way… 

I worked in so many different fields through my life, trying to figure out who I am. I always loved helping people so naturally I went through 7 years of higher education, took a massive state exam and became an attorney. 

That’s right, I was a licensed attorney… living the dream. No, wait, that’s not right. You know what? I hated it. I didn’t feel like I was helping people at all. I felt like I was playing a fierce yet, boring angry game of chess with the system. The amount of heartache it gave me as an empath was too much.

So I resorted to what I did best up until then – retail management. (Of course – customer service, right?) I loved helping people and leading them. I climbed the ranks in retail management as a leader and eventually started branching into human resources within retail. 

Finally, I was getting somewhere! I was making money and doing more of what I enjoyed. I was happy to be the go-to person for the team when someone needed help. However, 20 years in the retail world began wearing on me.  I decided to go into human resources outside the retail world and leave retail behind for good.

I secured a position as Human Resources Director at a small, growing, local payroll company. It was different, quiet, and to be honest, I was not liking it as much as I imagined. And then guess what? BOOM! The pandemic of March 2020 happened and by April 2020, I was laid off. The company had no choice but to let me go. I mean, who needs HR when literally no one is working?

All of a sudden, I was a stay-at-home, unemployed mother of two. This rocked me to the core of my identity.

With all the work in retail and taking care of my family, I missed reading. I LOVE reading. I decided to read Your Soul Purpose by Kim Russo (I love her!). What a life-changer! There is one particular exercise in the book where you basically ask the Universe what your soul purpose is…so I did. 

The mistake I made was asking before bedtime. The Universe spoke…and didn’t shut up for three hours. Seriously, by the early morning I was begging for sleep. (So yeah, don’t do that exercise before bed.) But more importantly, I had my answer. I heard, “You were meant to teach your children,” (and of course a bunch of other stuff that kept me up all night.)

My journey as a homeschooling Mom began. (Accidental homeschooler for life now!) About one year into adjusting to the homeschool process, I decided that it was time to focus more on what else I wanted to do.

I always wanted to write a book. My experience as an empath has had such an impact on me and my journey thus far that I wanted to share the information with others. I wanted to create something packed with useful information to empower fellow empaths at the beginning of their discovery… something that would give them an A-Ha! moment of identity. (“Whoa! I’m an empath!”)

Information is powerful! I have always loved writing, as evidenced by my stack of saved poems and short stories from my younger years. I believe I express myself better in writing, finding a freedom in the art. That’s when my journey continued as a self-published author of the book What Is an Empath? A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Empaths

Now, I am not the extrovert I was when I was growing up. (I found out I have ADHD and a spiritual awakening made me an introvert. But the pandemic made me a happy introvert.) I didn’t want to write under my real name at first. 

SO I had a chat with my spirit guides, as I always do. Yes, I have five of them – Billy, Josie, Peter, Ann, and Barrett (whose real name was spelled Burritt). Notice anything? Yep, I decided to borrow their names. Josie is my joy guide. And Burritt is a worker and creator so I call him my manifesting guide. 

I knew I wanted this book to come to fruition, so I made sure it would succeed from the very picking of my pen name – Josie Barrett (a “joyous manifestation”). My pen name is no secret that I need to hide – simply a genre-related catchy name that I felt much better about branding.

I published my book in September 2021. Recently, I had that itch again. I continue to want to do more. I have been an avid advocate and practitioner of meditation for over five years now. It has literally changed my life. (Sometimes I think I enjoy it too much.) I gained so much grounding, clarity, and connection to my true self in these past five years from meditating. I’m even able to say that I’m glad the pandemic happened. It has brought many blessings. 

I want to build more on my Josie Barrett brand. Teaching meditation seemed like the next logical step. Therefore, I became a certified meditation teacher.

One thing is clear.  I want to empower people, particularly women! On a mission of empowerment, I believe meditation is one of the first important steps to connecting to your inner being. Having gone through a spiritual awakening (which, really, will never end), I have finally woken up to what I truly love doing. 

I am meant to help people. I am a leader, a teacher and a supporter. I am grateful for the opportunities that this massive change has presented, including redefining myself as an intuitive spiritual guide and author. I want to help unlock your potential. I want to help you connect to that unconditional love that will change your life. You have a divine power source. Let’s tap into it!

More about me:

  • I take a spiritual approach to life.
  • I do not follow a religious teaching but I can now proudly proclaim that I am a witch. I believe the truth comes from within.
  • I don’t judge others for their beliefs.
  • I believe we are all souls having a human experience.
  • I have psychic and mediumship abilities that I continue to develop.
  • I am a Practical Controlled Remote Viewer, trained by Lori Williams.
  • I am currently doing Akashic records as well.

 My brand will continue to grow under my vision of Empowerment for Your Unique Journey.

My First Spiritual Awakening

The birth of our first child, Alessandra, brought on my first spiritual awakening at 32 years old. During the birthing process, I had an out-of-body experience, turned to my husband and told him I was “done and going home now.”

We are all born intuitive. My intuitive abilities until then were dormant. Motherhood flipped the switch.

As a new mother, my world was turned upside down. Not only was I dealing with post-partum depression, but I felt out of place in general. I felt disconnected, except to my baby. I could feel her pain, fear, and wonderment. 

My self-confidence was shot. Motherhood made me feel like I knew nothing. I became overly emotional. I questioned my beliefs of the world. I hated my job.

I questioned every decision, especially with motherhood. I beat myself up for everything. I used to be an extrovert but suddenly, I didn’t even want to leave the house because what if my baby cried? Going places was difficult. I often canceled appointments. 

When there was something wrong with my baby, I didn’t know where to turn. My mother, sister, and friends offered good advice but it did not resonate with me.

Even our pediatrician felt wrong. I breastfed my baby. Once, when Alessandra was three weeks old, the doctor told me that if the baby cried at night, she wasn’t hungry, she was just “playing” me. 

I changed pediatricians to a holistic one and absolutely love her. This doctor was the first person to tell me I didn’t have to prove anything to her. I’m the mother and therefore, my instincts about my baby are correct.

This made me dive into the joy of motherhood. I learned to tune into my intuition as a mother. I started to gain my confidence back. I got more out of my comfort zone. I changed my job for the first time in 8 years.

I discovered meditation. This was a game changer. I felt connected again. It became a sacred place of calm. I gained back my confidence.

I began to dig deep into my lack of self-love and worked through many shadow aspects of myself. Motherhood provided a mirror to my shadow self. I became a certified meditation teacher.

I gained clarity, unconditional self-love, and self-confidence. I unblocked so many obstacles for myself and continue to do so. I identified my emotional triggers and worked through them.

My intuition continued to develop through the years. Now, I’m here with my signature method to help other women going through a spiritual awakening to find clarity and step into their own divine power.

We are all “soul” energy in a human body. We all stem from a Source of energy. Some people call this Source “God”, others call it the “Universe”. Whatever you call it, it is the Source of divine energy and we are a part of it. Because of this, we are all connected.

Our human bodies are so dense that it becomes difficult for our soul to maintain the connection to the divine. We are “conditioned” out of our intuitive abilities. When we don’t use our intuition, we lose connection to it.

I help women access this power in one-on-one sessions.

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