Your Virtual Assistant

Are you a business owner who is ready to delegate parts of your business so you can get back to enjoying life or focus on a project?

Are you a hiring manager frustrated with sifting through 100’s of Indeed or LinkedIn applications seeking the perfect candidate?

You came to the right place. 

I help business owners focus on the big things and get back to enjoying life by doing virtual assistant work for their business. 

I help companies run smoothly and efficiently by doing administrative, human resources, and social media services for them.

I invite you to connect with me via the contact form at the bottom or by booking a FREE Lighten the Load Session with me where you will gain clarity on how I can help lighten the load of your business and decrease your stress.

You're a hard-working business owner who's realized that you are ready to delegate parts of your business. Or maybe, you just need help with specialized areas of your business.

You would rather worry about the bigger picture of your business and your life.

You're ready to delegate tasks to a trusted, knowledgeable professional so you can focus on the best parts of life.

Choosing to delegate tasks from your own business is not an easy decision. Your business is your hard work, your creation... your "baby."
You want to:

-Run a smooth, successful business.

-Focus on the best parts of life – like family, children, friends, travel, nature, etc.

-Not have to worry about certain tasks of your business.

-Trust the person to whom you delegate those tasks.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
-Albert Schweitzer

I'm May Rosenlund.

After working in the professional and customer service industry for over a decade, I was laid off during the pandemic. During my time home, I thrived. I homeschooled my two children, wrote and published two books, and furthered my skills in preparation for the new reality – online business.

Now, I help stressed business owners and companies by providing a variety of virtual assistant services for their business.

With my professional experience and high education, my clients feel confident delegating tasks to me. When I lighten the load, clients can finally balance and enjoy both work life and personal life, prioritizing their well-being and self-care.

My Credentials

Professional Experience

I practiced law for 10 years before retiring as a Massachusetts Intellectual Property (Trademarks) and General Practice Attorney.

I managed retail stores at CVS and Target for 10+ years with small and large teams of over 100 people.

I managed human resources for 3.5 years at Target (large team) and ePay Business Solutions (small team).

During my time in all three areas, I handled the administrative functions of each business. 

Highly Educated

I have a B.A. in English & History with honors (cum laude) from Assumption University.

I have a Juris Doctor (Doctorate of Law) from the Massachusetts School of Law.

I self-studied and passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam on the first attempt!


I passed the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), also known as the ethics exam.

Practicing law required me to keep every client communication confidential.

Managing human resources for 3.5 years with small and large teams of over 100 people required me to keep confidential conversations and records.

Services I Offer


Email Management

Scheduling and Calendar Management

Customer Service

Data Entry

Online Business Management

Order Management


Contract Preparation


Invoicing & Billing

Book Self-Publishing

Book Cover Design


Kindle Book Formatting/Conversion

eBook Design & Formatting

Amazon Publishing

Amazon Keyword Advertising

Human Resources

Client Onboarding Management

Posting jobs or job ads management

Screening applicants

Reviewing applicant resumes/profiles

Conducting initial phone interviews

Booking interviews

Sending congratulatory email for new hires

Forwarding job requirements & job contracts

Preparing job offers

Maintaining applicant tracking system

Maintaining database management of employee files

Facilitating new hire orientation

Maintaining employee payroll tracking

Maintaining employee attendance tracking

Updating pipeline development

Creative Services

Canva Design

Designing Printables

Presentation Creation

Book Cover Design

Spreadsheet Creation

Document Creation (Flyers, Posters, Worksheets, etc.)

Graphic Design

Social Media Post Creation

Newsletter Creation

Creating Slides for Webinars or Workshops

Social Media & Website

Ad Creation, Setup, & Management

Social Media Management

WordPress & Wix

Website Design & Maintenance

Landing Pages

Are you ready
to get back to enjoying
the best parts of your life?

Book your FREE Lighten the Load Session with me where you will gain clarity on how I can help lift the tasks of your business and lighten your stress so you can get back to life.

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Published Author & Empath

Self-Published Books on Amazon - over 200 copies sold!

Interviewed by Woman's Day Magazine

I was interviewed as an expert empath author in an article about empaths by Elizabeth Berry from Woman’s Day MagazineWhat Being an Empath Means and How to Know if You Are OneIt’s more than being “too sensitive.” BY ELIZABETH BERRY. PUBLISHED on Jul 18, 2022.

Interviewed for the Documentary, "Not Crazy, Not Alone."

Not Crazy, Not Alone,” is a documentary produced by A Place of Light Productions and David Kennedy. I was interviewed as an author and intuitive. This documentary available on Vimeo asks the question: What if mental health could be improved by understanding and developing a relationship with one’s intuition?

A Place of Light is a school located in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts. Its mission is to hold a space where people can find their unique connection to spirit. Susan Gale, a founder of A Place of Light, has provided a safe, non-judgmental space for me to learn, understand, and better connect to my intuition.

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