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Are you a woman who craves clarity in your spiritual journey?

I help you step into your power and have a deeper connection with your higher self.

Step into your

divine power

Interview: Woman's Day Magazine

I was interviewed as an expert empath author in an article about empaths by Elizabeth Berry from Woman’s Day Magazine 

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Woman’s Day Magazine is “YOUR destination for celebration, helping you find the YAY in every day.”

What Being an Empath Means and How to Know if You Are One

It’s more than being “too sensitive.”


Interview: Not Crazy, Not Alone
A Documentary

Not Crazy, Not Alone,” is a documentary produced by A Place of Light Productions and David Kennedy. I was interviewed as an author and intuitive. 

This documentary asks the question: What if mental health could be improved by understanding and developing a relationship with one’s intuition?

A Place of Light is a school located in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts. Its mission is to hold a space where people can find their unique connection to spirit.

Susan Gale, a founder of A Place of Light, has provided a safe, non-judgmental space for me to learn, understand, and better connect to my intuition. 

“If you have intuitive abilities that you do not understand nor control, or if you are just wondering if you even have intuitive abilities, A Place of Light is the right place for you.” – APOL

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Josie Barrett

Meet May Rosenlund

Welcome, Love!

My name is May and I love empowering women to feel confident in themselves and to discover their divine feminine power.

I am an empath who struggled with being a sensitive in the world and with being my true self.

I realized I needed to heal my past to find inner peace, and connect to my soul to finally love who I am today.

I am a former attorney who changed the course of my life to become an Intuitive Consultant & Energy Healer.

I also work with children and love to homeschool my own two children.

I used to think I had to choose one thing to be in life. Now, I realize that I am a multifaceted-being who can do all the things that make me happy!

Are you ready to step into your multifaceted divine power?

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